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Founded in 1984, Data Distributing LLC has grown and evolved right along with the incredible evolution of medical imaging. Our experience with healthcare started with the supply of archive media to over 2,000 medical facilities nationwide. Data Distributing grew further as a Value Added Distributor of high-end mass storage, peripheral, and storage management software solutions to OEMs and end user facilities.

Today we have expanded our expertise with the development of a branded line called DISCO® in technical partnership with Binary Spectrum a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner with years of expertise in the development of Medical software solutions. Similar to the solutions we actively install and support worldwide in radiology departments for distribution of patient images on CD, DISCO® is an intelligent chart copy (ROI) solution that interfaces with ANY EMR system to query, retrieve and burn a patient record to CD.

You Need a Partner You Can Trust ...

With twenty three years experience in serving the medical community, no one better understands your questions, concerns and needs better than Data Distributing. Our solutions-oriented sales team will be your partner in building a successful chart copy environment. And further more, your company may qualify for federal tax benefits by purchasing through us, Because Data Distributing is a woman-owned business and a member of the Small Business Association.

Today more than ever, the secure storage of mission critical data and images is imperative. To remain competitive, businesses in all industries are moving towards paperless environments, relying instead on digital formats. As companies make this transition, many questions arise:

  • Now that we've gone paperless, how do we mange chart copies for the older, archived patient files?
  • I have an entire staff dedicated to printing our chart copies from my EMR, how does DISCO® play into this?
  • Our records department is still entirely paper-based. What can DISCO® do to help me with my digital transition?
  • We are partially digital with an EMR, but we still have physical patient files that are from a certain date, backwards, how does DISCO® manage this hybrid office situation?
  • If I want to go backwards and digitize ALL my older patient charts, can I?

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