The core features of DISCO®-Digital Secure Copy include

  • Logging request of Information (ROI) helps in auditing and analyzing the requested details and generating reports.
  • Extensive search capabilities aid in hastening the process of finding the right data.
  • Supports the compilation of files of a variety of formats and an easy centralized view of the files to be copied on to the CD/DVD.
  • Configurable Labels and CD space management are some of the exciting options offered while copying files on a CD.
  • A unique integration with CD publishing hardware and software offers you unmatched automation of heavy volume copy capabilities.

Disco®-Digital Secure Copy, a product fromData Distributing is built using Microsoft .Net technology and employs security features like Encryption/Digital Signature/Password protection. Disco®-Digital Secure Copy software complies with HIPAA regulations on security and privacy of information and with HL7 standards for data integrations with the PMS/EMR department systems.

Benefits of the Disco® - Digital Secure Copy software ..

  • The automation of patient data collection ensures faster, smoother, secure and accurate delivery of information on compact disks.
  • Support for Practices that do not have an EMR system allows the copying of scanned images of manual patient charts.
  • HIPAA and HL7 standards compliant.
  • User friendly and widely accepted as it uses CDs for data handling.
  • Cost effective when compared to the cost associated with the making of paper copies.
  • Security and the privacy of data is ensured by preventing un-authorized access and is compliant to HIPAA regulations.
  • Reduction in turnaround time with the enhanced capability of handling large volumes
  • Interfaces with any PMS/EMR, Department / Specialty system that is compliant to HL7 standards

" Disco®-Digital Secure Copy - A new digital solution that revolutionizes the way medical record departments provide portable data to Patients and Doctors."

We at Data Distributing have expanded our expertise with the development of a branded line called DISCO® - an an intelligent chart copy (ROI) solution that interfaces with ANY EMR system to query, retrieve and burn a patient's record to CD.

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