Health Information management professionals must handle a growing number of requests for legal and secure copies of patient data. Today this process is often manual and requires printing out massive amounts of paper. Workflow is inefficient and copies are not secure.

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Data Distributing Introduces..

DISCO®, Digital Secure Copy, a cost-effective and easy-to-use turnkey solution to search compile copy full or partial patient charts to portable, secure and thermally printed compact disc (CD) for your distribution needs.

With twenty three years experience in serving the medical community, no one better understands your questions, concerns and needs better than Data Distributing. Disco®, Digital secure Copy, integrates with any Practice management system (PMS) or electronic medical record system (EMR) that complies with HL7 standards, and supports scanned paper documents as well.

"The Disco®, Digital secure Copy - A new digital solution that revolutionizes the way medical records departments provide portable data to patients and Doctors."

Read more about the Core Features and the Benefits that DISCO®, Digital Secure Copy software can bring to your Medical Records Department in the second part of this series called Disco® Core Features and Benefits .

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